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Catastrophic FX is a full service visual effects studio based in Santa Monica, CA and New York City. With an exceptional team compiled of both experienced creatives, supervisors and technicitions who've come together to create stunning visual imagery and movie magic. With almost two decades f experience, Catastrophic has been delivering world-class visual effects to major feature film, TV, commercials and Video Game projects world wide. Combining extensive experience in post visual effects production, previsualization, look development and custom R&D solutions, Catastrophic offers clients a vast range of VFX services. We provide a local presence for production and post-production working directly with studios, VFX supervisors, directors and production houses, Catastrophic’s VFX Division is ready to guide projects from the earliest phases of preproduction to the completion of post. Thriving on new challenges, the driving goal is to consistently exceed our client’s expectations by delivering astounding, superior-quality work, offering added-value services and doing custom designed solutions for clients and production pipelines. We’re pushing our technology and creativity to new heights—and delivering distinct, superlative work that redefines the state of imagination.